Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saiwaii Ramen


Located in the space SO (Moved to SOMA) used to occupy on Irving Street, Saiwaii Ramen is a refreshing change of pace from the dominance of Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurants that line the streets west of 19th Avenue. PPQ I still <3 you!

IMG_0710Spicy Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen (Mild) w/ Pork Belly


IMG_0712Tonkotsu Ramen

While Saiwaii carries a variety of foods/appetizers to supplement your ramen, at the end of the day I highly recommend going for the ramen over the other foods. On their menu you’ll find items such as salads, donburi and grilled items.  Now on to the important stuff!:  The Spicy Garlic Tonkotsu ramen broth has a strong garlic zest of flavor while providing enough kick to hit your taste buds without being too thick (still drinkable!). While the noodles are a bit thicker than what I’m used to from the ramen shops down in the San Jose area, they are still satisfyingly chewy and fresh. But the Pork Belly, if you love good pork belly, you must add it in! Imagine this: Fatty braised pork belly that melts away in your mouth and provides a lovely savory taste that overloads your tongue’s sensory functions. It’s a bit pricey at $3 for 3 cubes but it’s so darn tasty! The egg was cooked a little bit more than I liked but the flavor was good and the yolk still maintained a decent consistency. Definitely a gratifying bowl of ramen and I’ll be sure to come back again for another one soon. Pretty sure this has just become my new favorite ramen shop in San Francisco.  I just hope they don’t get too popular and move away!


Saiwaii Ramen

2240 Irving @ 24th Ave

San Francisco, CA 94122

(415) 665-7888