Friday, July 1, 2011

Orenchi Ramen

For several months, coworkers and friends living in the Santa Clara area have been raving about Orenchi Ramen (not to mention the huge lines and waiting times on the weekend) for both their noodles and their chicken karaage. I finally took the bait and went down to Orenchi on a Friday night with a friend to check it out.

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Orenchi Ramen down in Santa Clara!

Chicken Karaage - with a  Grape Tomato, Lemon Slice and Jalapeno

Shoyu Ramen with Roasted Pork Slices

The noodles here are definitely well made and delicious.  They have a nice thick chewy consistency without being starchy and breaks satisfyingly when you bite into them.  Complementing the ramen was a tasty mouthwatering poached egg which was just a little runny, but very savory. The broth is loaded with flavor without being overwhelming. Add in some minced garlic and pepper and you have a super solid bowl of ramen perfect for the end of a work week. The Karaage on the other hand was a bit light of the flavor and not very salty but was so darn tender. Needless to say I gobbled both up.  The wait however was not exaggerated. It took us 45 minutes to be seated and apparently this was on a good day. Worth waiting for? I’d say yes.

Orenchi Ramen
3540 Homestead Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 246-2955

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  1. Damn, I really want noodles now. And that karage looks killer!